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When I Abandoned the Protagonist


Su Mingxiu is targeted by the weird “honing system”, the system firmly believes that the protagonist will endure many hardships when growing up, and she is the touchstone for sharpening the protagonist’s success——

It wants Su Mingxiu to give love to the protagonist, and betrays it fiercely.
first world.

System: “You have a strong desire to control, you are the toughest agent in the entertainment industry, but unfortunately you have a weird temper. You create superstars and shoot them down with your own hands. The protagonist is the most brilliant one in your hands. The highest, let her fall again.”

Su Mingxiu sent the protagonist into space for a circle on the spot and then landed.


world two.

System: “You once loved a person, and you have found countless substitutes similar to her. The protagonist was picked up by you since childhood, carefully cultivated and grown up, and is the one who is most like your lover. When she is an adult, you will take She is golden, remodeling the bones and blood for your lover.”

So many years later, Su Mingxiu took out the protagonist Jin Dan to help her become a Nascent Soul outside the body.


The sharpening system wants the protagonist to become the most powerful being in the world, so he must be ruthless, have no desires, and have no weaknesses.
It worked.

But looking at the woman who cut through the void and chased into Su Mingxiu’s world, it was a little uncertain.

At that time, Su Mingxiu’s fingertips were on the other side’s neck ornament, and at the same time when he hooked gently, the other side approached, his voice was intimate and dangerous: “Do you want to leave me again?”

The man’s eyes were full of paranoia and possessiveness, and his eyes were full of greed when he looked at Su Mingxiu.

– Weakness? No, Su Mingxiu is her obsession, an existence that will be torn down together even if she falls into hell.


Short Title : WIAPW
Alternate Title : 当我抛弃主角后[快穿]
Status : Completed
Author : Hibiki Festival
Genre :

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