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Transmigrated As a Villain, I Rely on Sand Sculpture to Survive


Su Huayi became the vicious adopted son with the same name in a novel about the struggle of the rich.

He was adopted as a child into the Su family. He was beautiful but with a scorpion’s heart. He repeatedly persecuted his older brother and tried to take over the family business.

Su Huayi transmigrated at a time when the original owner was up to his usual schemes.

He crawled out from under his elder brother’s bed and looked up to meet the latter face-to-face.

Su Chi’s expression was sullen: “What are you doing here?”

Su Huayi shyly bowed his head: “… I wanted to give you a surprise.”


As the eldest son of the Su family, Su Chi not only managed the family business but also had to take care of his younger brothers. He was planning to give that malicious adopted brother some trouble, to let him know that the sea of bitterness has no end and that he should turn a new leaf…

Su Huayi: It all depends on the waves.

Su Chi: “…”

To protect himself, Su Huayi acted coquettish to the point of no return, but he did not notice that the look in his elder brother’s eyes had gradually changed.


Short Title : TAVIRSTS
Alternate Title : 穿成反派的我靠沙雕苟活
Status : Completed
Author : 马户子君
Genre :
Comedy, Romance, Shounen Ai

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