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The Strongest Terror System


] When he woke up, Xia Feng found that his classmate Bai Fumei, who usually looked down on him, was struggling under him.

Not only that, but there was another thing in his mind inexplicably called the strongest terror system.

This system can not only exchange various magical cards, but also strengthen yourself, learn skills, and even – “create the world.”

This time, he’s really good.

Since then, he has wandered around the city, picked flowers on campus, subdued demons and eliminated ghosts, all the way to the pinnacle of life.

What makes him more embarrassed is, why have all the bullshit he trumpeted in the past become systematic plot tasks?


Short Title : TSTS
Alternate Title : 最强恐怖系统
Status : Completed
Author : Smile 0
Genre :
Sci-fi, Supernatural

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