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As a vampire, Li Guang accidentally picked up a little ghost with only a wisp of soul left, with a soft head and a soft head. When he was in a good mood, he picked it up and raised it as a pet.

Bai Ruan Ruan: Thank you, sister, for saving me~ Sister, my blood is also very fragrant. Do you want to taste it?

Li Guang: Soul blood is not delicious. I am only interested in living people.
Bai Ruan Ruan: Sister, try it, I’m a super fragrant QAQ.

Li Guang: Pets should look like pets.

After a long time, Bai Ruan Ruan regained his body and became fragrant in Li Guang’s eyes.

Li Guang: Ruan Ruan, I’m hungry.

Bai Ruan Ruan, who used to be cute and clinging to her side, smiled slightly: “Sister is not free.

Vampire True Fragrance Warning
Fake high-cold, really pet vampire royal sister x careful thinking piles of cute vinegar jars
“About the fact that the pet I picked up turned into a petite wife and seemed to be sweetened after being resurrected”

Content tags: supernatural monsters, urban love, blood family, sweet text, mutual attack
Search keywords: Protagonist: Li Guang, Bai Ruanruan ┃ Supporting role: ┃Others:



Short Title : SG
Alternate Title : 甜味剂女友
Status : Completed
Author : artificial sweetener
Genre :

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