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Start 1861: I Just Inherited the Dutch Throne


Traveling to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the 1860s, he became the Crown Prince of the Netherlands William Hendrick (full name Willem Alexander Nicholas Frederick Karel Hendrick), Prince of Orange.

He didn’t want to work hard to join the war-torn 19th century European hegemony. He just wanted to be a crown prince with peace of mind until William III abdicated in 1890.

He even made up his mind whether to directly Forget about leading the Netherlands to be a neutral country, spend a little time and experience the leisurely life of the upper class of the nobles in this era, it is worthwhile to come here for a while.

But the reality is ‘cruel’. His father, William III, was dissatisfied with Tolbek’s re-election as prime minister of the Netherlands because of the weakening of the royal power. So a ridiculous scene appeared. Before forming a new cabinet, Erbec took the first step.

On December 1, 1861, he directly announced that the throne would be passed on to his eldest son, William Hendrick, who was the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and his younger son, William Frederick, who was born in 1851, became the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

The heir, and after William Hendrick became King of the Netherlands, he took Queen Sophie and William Frederick to Luxembourg. With such a ‘prominent’ background, how could William Hendrick live those small days?

So in desperation, I can only directly accept the mess left by William III and clean up the mess.

William Hendrick smiled bitterly: “Okay, I admit that I need to face the threat of European powers.”


Short Title : SIJIDT
Alternate Title : 开局1861:我刚继承荷兰王位
Status : Ongoing
Author : mouse and rice
Genre :
Historical, Military

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