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Rebirth Doctor Girl: Young Army, Please Let It Go!


In previous life, relatives were cold-eyed, father died tragically, boyfriend cheated, rebirth 14 years old

To be reborn, she wants to change her fate against the sky, treat snobbish relatives, step on the white lotus, throw scumbags, and fight scumbags.

Fengshui medicine, space supernatural powers, recognizing ancestors and returning to ancestors, creating a business legend.

He is cold-hearted and in control of the mysterious organs. It is rumored that he is not close to female sex, but he breaks his work here.

“My wife, I have a headache, please kiss me! Please comfort!”

“Are you teasing me?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Since then, he has become a habit of petting her and can’t change it.


Short Title : RDG
Alternate Title : 重生医女:军少,求放过(重生空间:首席神瞳商女)
Status : Completed
Author : Yan Yunmeng
Genre :

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