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Pirates: Strengthen the Supreme Sword




[Navy + Invention + Shuangwen] Cross to become a scientist Hill of the Naval Scientific Research Unit. Activating the item supply system, the [Enhancement Stone] will be straightened out at the beginning, and the golden light spell, hundred-step flying sword, gourmet cells, three-color domineering, etc. will be extracted from the system to strengthen itself.

He is not only known as a “genius scientist” but also as “the most powerful general in the Navy for hundreds of years”.

Aokiji: “Ah la la… Can this enhancement stone strengthen my blindfold and bicycle?”

Then, the eye patch strengthens +12!

Bike enhancement +12!

For a time, the Navy set off a wave of strengthening!

Even make the whole world go crazy.

Akainu: “Kaido, aren’t you the strongest creature? I’ll let you try the power of my 12-strengthened gloves today!”

Kizaru: “Strengthening is power. Have you ever been cut by the Tiancong Yunjian with a strengthening of 12?”

There are not only strengthening stones, but also other strange items in the item supply system!

And the battle of the top, which gathers countless powerhouses, begins to arrive!

“I, Admiral Hill, no one wants to save Ace today!”…



Short Title : PSSS
Alternate Title : 海贼:强化无上大快刀
Status : Completed
Author : white beard
Genre :

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