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Master Doctor in the City


Ye Chen, an old Chinese medicine doctor since childhood. In order to treat illnesses and save people, he came to the bustling metropolis from a small mountain village. Shi Chun has treated countless patients with a masterful hand.

Celebrities, white-collar workers, wealthy businessmen, dignitaries from various countries, and members of the royal family have come here to become Ye Chen’s medical seekers. Underworld daughters, beautiful elder sisters, famous ladies, exotic and enchanting, they surround Ye Chen, what kind of ambiguous stories will happen?

The decline of Chinese medicine and the prevalence of Western medicine. Chinese medicine with strong practical value is not accepted by Western medicine. It is called ‘witchcraft’. How should Ye Chen, who was born in Chinese medicine, fight back?

The typhoid school, the Qianjin school, the attacking evil school, the local prescription school, the warming school, the febrile disease school, the Huitong school, the seven schools of traditional Chinese medicine, each with their unique knowledge gathered in Shanghai. Orthodox Chinese medicine?

Ye Chen, a decent aptitude and diligent, has gathered various ancient Chinese medicine and cultivation secret skills, and the Chinese medical profession, which is about to be lost, has a legend of a master doctor.


Short Title : MDITC
Alternate Title : 神医高手在都市
Status : Ongoing
Author : Fu Chou
Genre :
Romance, Urban Life

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