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It’s About Versailles, See If I’m Angry



Yuan Xin was forced to wear a book by a black-hearted system, but she was still dressed as a “Versailles” female supporting role in a novel, and she could not collapse the character design.

In the book, the heroine is elegant, generous and hard-working.
As the contrast of the heroine, this female supporting role is best at cheating and showing off her wealth in a high-profile manner. Unfortunately, this wealth is also fake.
When the heroine got an offer from a Fortune 500 company through her own efforts.
The female supporting actress said: I envy you for finding such a good job by yourself. Unlike me, I was arranged for a job by my family before I graduated, and I didn’t even have a chance to regret it…
When the heroine finally earns millions a year.
The female supporting actress said, holding back her jealousy, “You work so hard. Although I have five suites and three villas in the city center, and I can afford food and clothing just by collecting rent, I have no sense of accomplishment and am not happy at all… …
When the female protagonist found a tall, rich and handsome male protagonist.
The female supporting actress said with a slight twist: It’s nice to have a regular boyfriend, so that you don’t have to watch the suitors lining up to fight…
When the hero gave her a Ferrari on her birthday.
The female assistant said with red eyes: This Ferrari is my favorite model, but unfortunately the garage at home can’t fit it…
Everyone around can’t get used to this annoying and annoying female supporting actress, and I just want to send her a haha!
After Yuan Xin passed through, he maintained the Versailles character on the surface, but made crazy money behind the scenes.
Until one day, people saw a familiar face on the news of the richest man in the city, and the man still said: In fact, my original intention is not to make so much money, I am very envious of the life of ordinary people …
The heroine (fan girl face): The core is really amazing.
Crowd: Digging! It’s my fault! Rich lady hug me! !




Short Title : IAVSIIAB
Alternate Title : 就要凡尔赛,瞅我来气不[穿书]
Status : Completed
Author : most fierce assistant
Genre :
Comedy, Fantasy

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