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Interstellar Counterattack Becomes a God

 (The emperors spit at each other, begging for branches) [cp: Shen Chu✖ Xiao Luo]

With a leap, Xiao Luo opened his eyes and reached the interstellar.
From then on, he digs ore, refines the mother of flames, swallows the source of stars, the genius and earth treasures are soft, and the power level skyrocketed. Let’s see how he makes waves in the interstellar world and creates his own legend.

Keywords: Interstellar counterattack to become a god, Xiaochen Zhuyuan, Tanmei, Interstellar, supernatural ability, cultivation


Short Title : ICBG
Alternate Title : 星际之逆袭成神
Status : Completed
Author : Xiaochen Zhuyuan
Genre :

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