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I’m Really Naruto


“Big brother, big brother, why are there three commas in your eyes?”

“No, it’s not a comma, it’s a gouyu!”

“Gouyu?! Cool! Could this be the legend…”

The little girl’s eyes shone with hope in her longing.

“Yes, this is the legendary…”

Xiao Yang raised his head slightly, triumphantly.

“Evil King’s True Eyes!”

The little girl answered firmly.

“Who told you that this is the real eye of the evil king!”


“Big brother, are you really not the real eye of the evil king?”

“God is such an evil king! I am a Naruto!”


Short Title : ISE
Alternate Title : 这真是写轮眼
Status : Completed
Author : Yamashita bamboo raccoon
Genre :

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