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I, Sakazuki, Will Not Take a Dog Easily

 Navy Headquarters, Navy Messenger: “Report!!! The Marshal of the Warring States Period, General Huang Yuan said that he would like you to watch and give a speech during the tour of the Chambord Islands.”

The Warring States Period covered his face: “Damn it, Kuzan is not here, Sakarski, please take a trip and bring back the shameful thing that sang PPAP.”

“Happy to Serve”

Warring States: “Reporter, why are you still here? Is there anything else to report?”

Reporter: “Don’t you know? The composition and lyrics of PPAP were all done by General Akainu…”

Warring States: “…”

“Sakazuki!! That bastard! I will kill him sooner or later”


Short Title : ISWTDE
Alternate Title : 我萨卡斯基才不会轻易狗带
Status : Completed
Author : Spring and Autumn Soldier
Genre :
Action, Adventure, Fan-Fiction

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