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I, Konoha’s Life Mentor


Jingyi traveled to Konoha and became a temporary teacher of the Ninja School, but fortunately awakened the mentor system.

Reward for teaching others.

As a result, Jingyi began his career as a “teacher” in the ninja world.

Years later.

Outside the Konoha Building, several statues of Susanoo stood proudly, followed by many disciples of large and small families, and Zhishui stood in the middle.

“Three generations of adults, my teacher understands the will of fire better than you, and he can bring me Konoha to prosperity.”

“We support Teacher Jingyi’s succession to the fifth generation!”


Short Title : IKLM
Alternate Title : 我,木叶的人生导师
Status : Completed
Author : Funeral Ritual
Genre :

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