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Hermione, Be the Minister of Magic with Me!


Before the Battle of Hogwarts, Lockhart opened the title page of his diary and reviewed his wish list:

Gilderoy Lockhart’s Life Wish Update (01.09.1992):

1. I’m going to be the Minister of Magic! 2. Married Hermione! 3. Then make Hermione Minister of Magic!

After watching, Lockhart raised his wand. “Sorry, little Tom, you got in my way, go to hell!”,

Lockhart began to ask himself – what kind of work should he do in order to survive?

It seems that it is not difficult to guess, the answer is already obvious, isn’t it?

I should be the Minister of Magic!

– Keywords: Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Lockhart,

Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Ministry of Magic, Magic Awakening, Duel, Magic Keys


Short Title : HBMMM
Alternate Title : 赫敏,跟我一起当魔法部长吧!
Status : Ongoing
Author : 10-cut maniac
Genre :
Fan-Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

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