Her mercy to His penitence - biquge

Her mercy to His penitence


“Don’t do it love! Please. Am sorry I hurt you. How can I live without you? Forgive me. “
The girl stood at the cross road. Tears streamed down her pale cheek as she debated between listening to his pleas or to her heart. She was tired and could no longer take any of it. He took everything from her yet she stayed until she felt that her soul was no longer alive.
Each pain he caused chipped a little at her soul until there was nothing left to give. She was now an empty soul that was hanging on a thin thread. She was only breathing, but being alive never counted as living. It was time to let go.
She closed her eyes and run in to the middle of the road. A loud screech was heard as her blood painted the black tarmac red.

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