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Ghost Wedding at Midnight: My Adorable Ghost Husband

My uncle said that my fate was a good stuff for dealing with the dead. It would even be a waste if I did not use it. Unexpectedly, as his ominous words, I had a tough marriage with a dead. This male ghost was despicable and shameless in every respect, who not only threatened and coerced me, but also promised faithfully: “when I was alive, the women who admired me was as much as the carps crossing the river. Are you sure you don’t marry me? This is your last chance.” Of course I shook my head resolutely, but what he did to me next was something I never expected…


Short Title : MAGH
Alternate Title : 鬼夫难缠么么哒
Status : Completed
Author : Nancheng Moon
Genre :
Adventure, Horror, Martial Arts, Shoujo, Supernatural


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