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Douluo: Xiao Wu is Reborn


In the class of Notting College, Xiao Wu raised her hand and asked: “Master, according to your theory, if the father’s spirit is the Clear Sky Hammer, and the mother’s spirit is the rabbit, then their children will be the Clear Sky Hammer. What about the twin martial souls of the soul and the Goddess of Light Butterfly?”

Yu Xiaogang: “That’s definitely impossible.”

Xiao Wu found a blue silver grass with golden leaves on the blue leaves behind a waterfall in the mountains.

“I haven’t tasted the Blue Silver Emperor yet. What does it taste like?”

“Suck it.”

The imperial kitchen of Tiandou came to ask: “His Royal Highness, may I ask what dishes are for tonight.”

Xiao Wu: “Just give me a plate of garlic blue silver grass.”

Xiao Wu: “Poseidon, don’t you like to watch live broadcasts? You dare to watch my cheap husband, you are a bastard.”

(There is a little conspiracy theory in it. Don’t blame everyone!)


Short Title : XWIR
Alternate Title : 斗罗之小舞重生
Status : Completed
Author : heart flies away
Genre :
Fan-Fiction, Romance

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